Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Cakes

Last week was Spring Break for me and I was so excited because no school means baking frenzies galore.  Sadly, though, I did not bake anything more than two cakes and a few cupcakes.  What? Why? you ask.  Well, my friend introduced me to the television series Dexter and it was love at first episode I suppose :)  I seriously got no sleep the whole week and finished all four seasons.  I love Dexter almost as much as baking... almost...

The first cake I baked and decorated with my little brother.  Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling and cream cheese icing.

Can you guess our theme?

The back of our cake

One more clue if you haven't figured it out yet

And now for the answer...
A safari drive through!

The second cake I decorated was for my friend Brad, who no longer lives within driving distance.  White almond sour cream with a blueberry-strawberry filling.

The Brad figure, the bulldog (Yale's mascot), the backpack, and the paper pieces were made with gum paste.

The back of Brad and his bulldog.

the two from the side,

And from the inside...

Miss you, Brad... see you in the Summer!


Anonymous said...

Carmela! I'm super impressed with your baking skills... The bulldog is perfect.

Anonymous said...

btw, it's Tiffany Le!

Carmela said...

Thanks, Tiffany! I think I get better with every cake that I make, and I can't wait to make yours!

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