Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Birthday Cakes

Yay for cake! After completely disappearing off the face of the (blogging) world for the past month and a half, I'm finally back! I'm extremely sorry for the long absence. If anyone is to blame for my absence, it's certainly not me. I blame summer vacation combined with MCAT prep. I'm also extremely sorry to say that these are my last two cakes before I take the MCAT in March. I will probably blog about a few cupcakes and cookies here and there, but nothing big and fancy like the two babies I made this weekend.

Now... on to the baby photos! ;)

The first cake I made was of a very rare coin handmade out of gold during the era of 13 colonies. There are only a few in the world, each worth millions of dollars... says my brother. If you want to know more about it, you can easily do an internet search for the Brasher Doubloon.

Here is what a real one looks like...

And here is what the cake one looks like...
Made for my brother's co-worker David, who is a coin collector.

The next cake was for another of my brother's co-workers. Her name is Helen and she likes Louis Vuitton purses very much. 

The front

The side

The back

The side tag, inscribed with the words 
"Louis Vuitton

The zipper

And the thing you close the zipper with

Happy Birthday Helen and David! 
I hope you enjoyed your cakes :)

**Edit!** For those of you who were wondering, the purse cake was a white almond sour cream cake with cream cheese buttercream filling, and the coin cake was a devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream filling, covered with chocolate ganache. Both cakes were covered and decorated with homemade fondant.


Anonymous said...

hope i can make it too, but too bad, don't know how to do it,You are very talented young lady.I admire you.You're the best!!!

Sarah said...

Oh Carmela, these cakes of yours are always so wonderful! One of these days, I'm going to pay you to make me a fancy awesome cake too. :DDD

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