Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yoshi's Graduation

I can't wait until Friday to post because...

1. I will be extremely busy Friday.
2. I'm way too excited about this to wait.

This post is for an amazing person- Tiffany.  She's smart, funny, nice, and she's graduating from college and going to medical school.  So here is the cake I made for her to celebrate her accomplishments. Congratulations again, Tiffany and good luck in the coming years!


Anonymous said...

You did such an amazing job Carmela! Thank you very much for being so thoughtful and putting so much effort into this cake! I really love it and everyone has been incredibly impressed! We've been marveling how Yoshi's giant schnoz is so stable and how perfect his shell and spikes are. You're really the best! Thanks again!


Stephanie A said...

So cool Carmela! I remember you and Tiffany talking about this in PLTL! LOL

Van Allen said...

I love it Mel!

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