Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cupcake Filling Firsts

So, I am a sauce person. You can ask anyone I've eaten with. No, I won't eat my food with a lot of sauce, just a lot of different ones. I've had up to eight small piles of sauce on my plate before, making every bite taste a little different from the one before it. I just love tasting many flavors in one sitting. It makes me happy :-) so you could probably imagine how excited I was when, in my 8 AM Organic Chemistry class, I found out how to fill a cupcake without cutting it open.

I was so excited that all I could think about that afternoon during my Histology exam was cupcakes. Then that night I dreamed about decorating cupcakes. And during my nap today, I had another dream about cupcakes.

So I went on a quest to HEB to buy what I needed.
And Lo and Behold!
A very basic cupcake decorating set! (for less than $8)

The Icing Writers came free with a coupon :-D
Here is what I wanted to accomplish. Isn't that one of the most amazing things ever?

Just beautiful!
I decided to go with red velvet. I made the batter with my trusty hand-held mixer, which I've been using since I was eight-ish.
And as my cupcakes baked, I made the filling.
And with my handy-dandy Bismarck 230 tip, I filled my cupcakes.

But I messed up once...

or twice...
Or maybe twelve times...
But that didn't matter after they were iced and garnished.

Besides, I'm sure my momma, daddy, and older brother will be happy to take some to work tomorrow.
And I'll be happy to let 15 of my friends try them out as well :-)

To you, my faithful companions!


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