Friday, June 18, 2010

Teddiursa Graduation Cake

My cousin graduated from high school last week, and for his graduation party, I made him a cake of the Pokemon Teddiursa, who is one of his favorites. The open book says "Congrats JV! Class of 2010."  Teddiursa's head, ears, arms, feet, and tail are made of Rice Krispies treats, and everything else is cake. I think my cousin really liked his cake because after decapitating Teddiursa and eating the ears, my cousin carried the head around all night.

He took lots of pictures with it...

Proposed with it...

Played hot potato with it...

And he even got everyone to dance with it! 

I understand this sounds a little weird, but honestly, it was the most fun I ever had playing with cake. You should try it sometime ;)

Congrats, Cousin, and good luck in college!
Love you!


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