Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding Dress Cake

I made this cake for my mom's co-worker Michelle.  Everyone at my mom's work had a bridal shower luncheon for Michelle, and my mom was responsible for bringing the cake. So what does she do? She asks me to make one, and honestly, it was a lot of fun :)

Everything is edible, even the dress, which is made of cake and fondant. The roses and rose petals are made of fondant as well and brushed with luster dust (edible glitter).

I think my favorite part was the bouquet of roses because of how hard it was to make it. It's no more than 1 inch in diameter with about 16 tiny roses.

Oh, and putting the sugar pearls on was pretty meticulous as well.

Actually, my most favorite part was coming back from class and seeing this...
I'm glad it tasted as good as it looked :)

Congratulations, Michelle! 
I hope you and Tim have a blessed marriage!


FrostedFantasies said...

Very pretty! I've been wanting to make a bridal dress cake like this...your's came out great! I love the little bouquet too!

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