Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Reason Why

Over the past few weeks, I've been asked way too many times, "Carmela, are you sure you're going into the right profession?" and "Why don't you open a bakery instead of go to medical school?"  Tomorrow morning at 8:20 AM, I am taking my second Organic Chemistry exam for the semester, and in the midst of all these chemical reactions, I wonder, "Why not just open a bakery?"  Well, according to one of my friends, I should choose the medical field because I need to help people with diabetes, not give them diabetes. 

To a certain extent, she is right.  Even though I can make a lot of people happy with the things I bake, it's only a short term effect and it gives me only a tiny bit of happiness compared to helping people on a more personal level.

So this blog is a shout out to my friends that were recently accepted to an important Pre-Medical program.  They are one step closer to becoming wonderful doctors :-)

Here I am decorating the first cake with my little brother.  He insisted on helping, so I let him color the fondant black, which is hard to do.  Props to him!
He also made the stethoscopes.  Well, he tried at least :-)
The completed cakes, tailored to match each friend's personality.  They are white almond sour cream cakes with strawberry filling and strawberry icing.

The previous three were made for girls, and the next one is for a good guy friend.  It's chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling and vanilla icing.  The cake was baked without eggs, using a substitute that combined flour, oil, and baking powder.  It was a little crumbly, which made it difficult to fill, but it still tasted great.

Babu cuts his cake

Vi cuts her cake
I was amused by the way she cut the first piece.  When I told her this, she said, "I don't know how to cut cake! Is there a certain way to do it?" Oh Vi, you're awesome.

Deborah brought her cake home to celebrate with her family, and I heard from Stephanie that she and her friends ate some in her dorm that night.  If I can get pictures from them, I will most certainly post those too.

Well, it's back to studying for me! 
I have a date with my Organic Chemistry book in a few minutes... sigh look at all these reactions... opening my own bakery looks mighty tasty right now...


Anonymous said...

These look sooooooo amazing!!! Congrats on a beautiful job as always!

Anonymous said...

make me moreeeeeeeeee lol

Carmela said...

Anonymous #1- Thank you very much

and Anonymous #2- I wish I could bake and decorate a cake every day while still studying as much as I do.

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